Our Flavor name for our Barbecue Sauce is Bonfire Delight. Our flavor is a smooth sweet, smoky, savory flavor which will keep you coming back for more. we have it in 16oz bottles and also in 1 gallon jugs for larger gatherings or restaurant use.

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Lumberjack Barbecue Original BBQ Sauce Includes One (1) Gallon


Our Lumberjack Wing Sauce is called Red Flag Warning. Our flavor is a hot smoky chipotle flavor, which comes in a 16oz bottle. It’s a nice hot above mild flavor. you will feel the pleasant heat  it has to offer during your Chicken wing experience.

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Lumberjack Barbecue Original BBQ and Wing Sauce Original BBQ 4-Pack

Our Bonfire Delight is also carried is also carried by US. FOODS in Minnesota & North Dakota locations in their distribution centers. In the one gallon jugs. they come in a cube of 4 if your a restaurant or restaurant chain in any other state and want to get set up with our Lumberjack Barbecue Sauce or our Wing Sauce please contact us from our web site and we can make arrangements to get your restaurant set up. We send out samples also to interested restaurants.

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