Lumberjack BBQ Sauce

Thank you for visiting Lumberjack Barbecue Sauce. Our sauces are the perfect balance of sweet, savory, smoky with a little kick that will keep you coming back for more. We have it in 19oz bottles as well as 1-gallon jugs for larger gatherings or restaurant use.

Watch our Lumberjack BBQ Sauce commercial below. It’s that good.

Our Bonfire Delight is also carried by US. Foods they sell our Lumberjack Barbecue Sauce to restaurants and establishments in 4 one gallon jugs to a case. the locations for US. Foods distribution centers that carry our Barbecue sauce are in the cities of Plymouth Minnesota, Grand Forks, North Dakota, And Bismarck, North Dakota. If you are a restaurant in those areas that are interested please contact US. Foods or your sales rep please. Item #3973833

BBQ Ribs on a platter with a dipping dish of Lumberjack BBQ Sauce
A plate of chicken wings made using Lumberjack wing sauce with celery and carrots, a dish of blue cheese and a beer